#PerfectLegend Signs To FT Gaming as Black Salt Coreuption Video Game’s Official Ambassador

Carl “Perfect Legend” White is a four-time fighting game world champion. Elite in multiple fighting games, 2006 Perfect Legend claimed his 1st Evo (short for Evolution) World Championship for Dead or Alive 4. “Evo” is the world’s largest international fighting game event where the toughest competition, talented gamers coming from as far as Japan to compete once a year. His 2nd also in Dead or Alive in 2007, claiming the World Cyber Games championship that was hosted on DirectTV. 3rd & 4th Perfect Legend won back to back Evo tournaments in 2011 & 2012 for Mortal Kombat 9.

Born and raised in Toledo, Oh, Perfect Legend emerged on the competitive scene in 2005 with numerous local and regional wins. Ever adapting, Perfect Legend has excelled and placed well throughout the years in multiple games: Mortal Kombat series, Street Fighter series, Injustice Series, Killer Instinct & Tekken. Proficient in multiple fighting games it’s poetic the gamer has aligned with FightTyme.

In addition to his many tournament wins, national & abroad, tv appearances and internet presence; Perfect Legend has used his fighting game prowess to not only train other gamers via video and in person sessions, but he also co-authored Injustice: Gods Among Us Strategy Guide. A nod to all that he accomplished during his career.


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