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GL: How has everything been going in preparation for your June 22nd bout? June 22, I will have a second professional fight in the American ring in the city of Detroit. I am provided with excellent conditions, professional coaching staff and good sparring partners. I am more than confident that I will be in the best shape on the day of the fight.

GL: What do you know about your opponent Cory Phelps?

Apti Davtaev: “Corey Phelps is an excellent contender, quite experienced and above all he is at home. The fight promises to be competitive, but I’ll try to finish it ahead of schedule.”

GL: You won your last fight, but you probably weren’t as impressive as you would have liked to be. Is it important for you to make a statement in this fight?

AD: “It is important for me to show myself well every time I step in the ring . The last battle was not quite according to my plan, but it ended in my favor and this is the most important thing.”

GL: How do you feel you’ve improved as a fighter since you’ve been training in America?

AD: “I think so, I’m getting better. Due to hard work and discipline. I think all this more than is good for me.”

GL: Do you feel like you need to knock guys like Phelps out in order to be taken as a serious heavyweight contender moving forward?

AD: “In general, I think that the stronger the better the better for me as a professional athlete. Any boxer’s goal is to become a champion, and I’m ready to fight anyone for the sake of giving me a title fight.”

GL: How many more fights would you like before you’re tested in a step up bout, the kind of bout where if you win it propels you to the next level?

AD: “I think yes. I hope that after the victory I will be given a top-ranking opponent where I can show everything I am capable of.”

GL: Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

AD: “I want to add that I am stubbornly going to my goal and in Sha Allah to me in the near future will be given a chance to show myself to the entire boxing community in the best possible light.”

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Posted on June 18, 2018 in Boxing, Scope of Action

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