FT Overcomers Division


Fight Tyme Overcomer’s was created from a strategic vision and engaged plan of action to make Combat Sports more accessible to disabled people globally. Our secondary focus is educating other Gyms how they can also become like Fight Tyme Gyms in improving their Combat Sports offerings to disabled people in order to increase disability participation. Historically the misconception of Combat Sports such as boxing was that, as highly competitive contact sports, there was little opportunity for disability inclusion. As Fight Tyme Overcomers division created its 2016-17 Community Inclusion Plan, we collected more insight about our participants. This insight told us more than ever before about the people taking part in our Combat Sports industry and we began to understand that approximately three quarters of them did not actually compete, but regularly took part in non-contact, fitness-based Combat Sports activities within a club, community center, or home environment.


We encourage you to join us and experience any of our #FightTyme classes. Our classes have a wide range of focuses utilizing various Combat Sports fitness skills, techniques, and disciplines. Our maximum class size is twelve (12) DDS students per three (3) Fight Tyme team member instructors.


Train like a fighter with our Combat Sports Fitness cardio classes which focus on low intensity, circuit, as well aerobic training.

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Think like a fighter with our Combat Sports Yoga classes which focus on breathing, balance, as well as stretching techniques.

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Eat like a fighter with our Combat Sports Nutrition classes which focus on meal planning, nutrition, as well healthy lifestyle classes.

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